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Terms and conditions


Registration can be done in writing, by SMS, by WhatsApp, by online registration, by email or verbally, by telephone, by voice message. Upon registration, the “General Terms and Conditions” come into force as part of the contract. At the same time, a deposit of 50% of the price must be paid.

The guide depends on the wishes of his guest(s). He reserves the desired dates. If a tour / course cannot be started by the guest / guests for any reason, the following cancellation costs will be charged:

  • 60 – 41 days before the start of the tour CHF 100.-

  • 40 – 21 days before the start of the tour 50% of the price

  • 20 – 1 days before the start of the tour 100% of the price

The decisive factor for calculating the cancellation costs is the receipt of the cancellation by the organizer (for Saturdays, Sundays and general holidays, the next working day counts). Regardless of the amounts mentioned above, costs of: Third parties involved in the provision of services (in particular hotels, transport companies, etc.) will be invoiced by the organizer. The participant must pay invoiced cancellation costs within 10 days.

The bike guide recommends that every guest take out cancellation insurance.

Number of participants

A minimum number of participants is required to hold each event (day tours offered at least 3 participants / multi-day tours offered at least 5 participants). If this is not achieved, the organizer can cancel the event up to 15 days before it begins. The costs paid will be refunded to the participants. Further claims are excluded.


Unless otherwise stipulated in the detailed program, only the bike guide costs (guiding) are included in the price. Accommodation, meals, shuttle service, expenses and other services are only included in the scope of services if expressly stated so in the detailed program. (See also expenses) Drinks, additional costs (such as laundry services) and any additional travel costs are borne by the participants.


The guest is responsible for all transport costs (including bike guide). The travel costs are CHF 1.00/km (starting point is Käppeli 1, 6370 Oberdorf NW). The other costs for accommodation and meals in hotels and huts, including those of the guide plus drinks, are also borne by the guest/guests.


Bike rental (guide prices)

Mountain bike full suspension or hardtail per bike:

  • 1/2 day CHF 60.00
    whole morning: return by 12 p.m
    whole afternoon: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m

  • 1 day CHF 80.00

  • 2 days CHF 140.00

  • 3 days CHF 180.00

  • 4 days CHF 220.00

  • 1 week CHF 340.00
    Each additional day CHF 40.00

E-mountain bike with full suspension per bike:

  • 1/2 day CHF 70.00
    whole morning: return by 12 p.m
    whole afternoon: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m

  • 1 day CHF 100.00

  • 2 days CHF 180.00

  • 3 days CHF 220.00

  • 4 days CHF 340.00

  • 1 week CHF 440.00
    Each additional day CHF 50.00

Gravel bike per bike:

  • 1 day CHF 80.00

  • 2 days CHF 150.00

  • 3 days CHF 215.00

  • 4 days CHF 275.00

  • 1 week CHF 425.00
    Every additional day CHF 40.00

Racing bike per bike:

  • 1 day CHF 80.00

  • 2 days CHF 150.00

  • 3 days CHF 215.00

  • 4 days CHF 275.00

  • 1 week CHF 425.00
    Every additional day CHF 40.00

Available frame sizes

  • M  (from height 155-170cm)

  • L   (from height 170-190cm)

  • XL (from height 190-210cm)

Basic rate bike guide

Hourly basis for individual driving technique lessons: CHF 125.-- / hour 


Guided multi-day tours for private groups of up to 8 people:Upon request


Driving ability, fitness and insurance coverage

For all occasions, good health and reliable, tour-tested and well-maintained equipment are required. The participant is solely responsible for both. Bikes can be rented for day tours; the bikes, if available, are usually ready for use and serviced. If the participant is dependent on medication or there are health-related issues that require the guide and/or organizer to act correctly in an emergency (such as various types of allergies, epilepsy, circulatory problems, asthma, hemophilia, etc.), the guide and organizer are responsible Proactively inform you about this at the start of your trip or at the latest when you officially greet the tour. It is strictly compulsory to wear a helmet throughout the entire tour. The requirements for fitness and driving technique are published in the announcement of the individual tours (see website). The guest is responsible for meeting all requirements. The guide can exclude the guest(s) before or during the event if they do not meet the requirements specified by the organizer. The guest(s) must follow the guide's instructions, otherwise guests may be excluded. If excluded for the reasons mentioned above, the entire price remains owed. there will be no refund. 

The guide reserves the right to adapt, change or cancel the tour/course depending on the situation if there is a lack of skill or unreliable equipment. All tours/courses generally take place in all weather conditions.

Adequate insurance coverage is the responsibility of each guest. This includes valid accident and health insurance, including coverage of (mountain) rescue costs. Membership with Rega is recommended.

Program changes

The organizer reserves the right to postpone the tour/event, cancel it or change the program and prices. The organizer will provide information about the changes and their impact on the price as quickly as possible. Postponements, cancellations and program changes before and during the event may be necessary for weather and other objective reasons, including epidemics or pandemics, as well as for security reasons. In such a case, the organizer is authorized to carry out a similar tour, which is considered correct fulfillment of the contract, even if the services are not identical in detail but are equivalent overall. If a change of the guide intended for the tour has to be made before or during a tour for material or health reasons, this is also considered to be the correct fulfillment of the contract. The guest(s) acknowledge that changes may occur on each tour. The scheduled timing of the event cannot be guaranteed. Any additional costs will be borne by the guest(s).


Photo and film recordings

By booking the offer, the guest(s) agree that the guide may use film and photo material created during the course of the offer for marketing purposes (online and offline), presentations and lectures.


Any liability of the organizer is excluded to the extent permitted by law.


By making a reservation you acknowledge the dangers in the great outdoors. Even a highly qualified guide is not infallible. He is confronted with borderline areas that can never be fully controlled. His job is therefore to reduce the risk to a minimum.

Swiss law applies, regardless of the nationality of the guest(s) and where the scene of the accident is located. The place of jurisdiction is Stans in the canton of Nidwalden.

Adjustment of the general terms and conditions

We reserve the right to adapt these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The current version is published on the website “”.

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